A Must Have Resource on Self-editing


Self-editing for writers is a skill I’ve yet to master. As a freelance writer, I write about many topics, mostly nonfiction up to this point in my career. As an amateur writer in my past, I wrote, revised a few times, and published. This was a bad idea! It’s probably what kept me an […]

Reading Swain Improved my Fiction Writing!

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0   I have to admit that writing fiction is much different than non-fiction and I found a book by Swain that is connecting the dots!  After spending 22 years of my adult life in academia, first in nursing school, then in business school, and then in a doctoral program in education, technical writing became second […]

Lessons Learned from James Patterson

0   I am so stoked that I decided to take the Masters Class by James Patterson.  Not only is he interesting, but James Patters is also very funny and sincere.  He speaks from experience and with only three lessons done, I have learned a great deal.
One thing I learned was that I am on the right […]

Dramatica Pro

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0   Good morning,
Well it’s morning for me, 5:00 a.m. and I just finished my writing goal with my Dramatica Pro software.    I’ve been up since 2:30!  Some might think this is weird.  When you work full-time and write, you have to find your best writing time.  For me, it’s before work.  You might find some […]

Switching to Freelance Writing

Freelance Writing is Fun!

0   So I just finished my workout and the whole time I thought about switching to freelance writing as the next phase of my career.  You know I’ve been on my weight management journey since 2005 and it continues to go well.  I took a break from blogging and writing in general, over a year, […]

Stay at Home Mom Tips

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As a young woman, I was not a stay at home mom.  Necessity forced me to seek a career outside the home.  While I loved my career as a Registered Nurse, there were many times I felt guilty that I could not be a stay at home mom.  I also felt stress about childcare […]

Control Time When You Work at Home

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One of the greatest pleasures to work at home is flexibility of time.  Most importantly, I have the ability to control my time.  When I worked as a Registered Nurse, my employer controlled my time.  Rightfully so, my job demanded my presence during business hours.  Also, as a hospital administrator I shared an on […]

Becoming a Registered Nurse Changed My Life!

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Becoming a registered nurse was one of the best decisions of my life.  Although I started my working career as a cosmetologist, I struggled with career satisfaction until I became a registered nurse.  The opportunities that I experienced as a registered nurse were all positive.  If you have a desire to help people and […]

4 Work from Home Tips for Your Success

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While the decision may challenge you, it is important to know some work from home tips to avoid pitfalls and ensure your success.   Here are 4work from home tips from personal experience you can use. 

Tip #1  Research your home business opportunity thoroughly.  There are many scams on the Internet that promise the world and […]

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